Thursday, March 5, 2009

Amazing moments along the way

I wanted to tell you some of the amazing things Carter and Dakota have done through out this adoption process:

Dakota came in one day with a handful of something. After chasing him down and asking what he was doing, his reply, " I wanted to put my money in the adoption jar to help bring Maya home!" He had emptied his piggy bank to help bring his new sister home. After Carter learned what Dakota did, he disappeared and came back to do the exact same thing. I have incredible kids!

Every night they both pray for Maya. Carter prays at dinner and bedtime that she will be healthy and that she will come home soon!

Dakota prayed one night that, "Mommy and Daddy would have a safe trip to Africa and that we would all learn English soon!"

One morning Dakota woke up and decided that we needed to paint the baby's room! I said no and so he thought we should paint the baby bed! Still no, we settled on putting the bed together and packing up the guest room so we could make it the baby room. That seemed to satisfy him and he worked all morning with me getting it ready!

Every time he finds something pink, girly, or babyish he brings it to me and says, " This could be for our baby sister!" Then he promptly runs and puts it in her room.

They are both learning so much about Africa and the country where she lives. They have met other kids from there and love talking to them. This past Saturday our agency had a heritage day for all the families and the boys got to hear a praise band from our daughter's country. I loved watching them listen, clap, and dance along with the amazing music. Carter's class (thanks to his fantastic teacher) is collecting books to send to the orphanage and both boys take her pictures to school and show her off! Dakota wants to bring her to show and tell when she comes home!

It is so incredible how much they get it! They already love her so much and are so proud of her! She has no idea what she's in for when she gets home! I love these two boys and could not be prouder of who they are and how they love!