Friday, July 31, 2009


If anyone has been to Ethiopia and visited the baby home on a mission trip, etc. and you happen to have pictures of Sitota, we would love to have copies of them! We want to have as many baby pictures of her as possible for us but also for her as she grows up and wants to see herself as a baby. You can send me a note through the comments with your email or just email me with them! Thanks so much!!

What's next?

Time to fill out more paperwork and get ready to travel! It looks like we will be traveling September 4th through the 13th! I found out to day that we will be there over the Ethiopian new year and will get to celebrate the new year!! We are so excited about getting there and experiencing all of it and most of all meeting our daughter!! It is all too much to take in! I can't believe we are really going! Now I have to pack!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Here is our beautiful little girl! Maya Sitota Felton!! ( We like her little braids!!!) Sitota means gift in Amharic and she is our gift from Ethiopia! We are so thankful to everyone for all of your prayers and encouragement! She is officially our daughter and we will find out tomorrow about our travel dates!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Here is our official family countdown poster! The boys made it and we all decorated it! We are finally here after all these months waiting! Sunday night somewhere across the world a judge will be hearing our case. Please pray that everyone who needs to be there will be there, that there will be electricity, that the judge will find everything satisfactory and pass us!! We should find out Monday morning what happened. We are cautiously excited.

July fourth!

What a great day we had with wonderful friends! Here are all three of my guys having a blast!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My GQ models!!

This is just a small sample of my soon-to-be sister -in-law's amazing photography! Cindy James of Cindy James Photography, Pink Dot Productions is incredible! We could not be more excited to welcome her into the family! She is a wonderful human being, funny, brilliant, gorgeous, and full of passion and love of life (and she's a great artist as well!)! She did a photo shoot with the boys and these are just some of the shots. They had a great time working with her and it was so much fun to watch her work. Of course her subjects were pretty good looking, too!! Thanks Cindy for loving my brother and for taking such fun photographs!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


We finally have some good news to report!! I have been quiet about all our adoption stuff for t he last two months because we have had no good news, until today!! We have been on hold because of some investigations in the country regarding all adoptions there. It was officially confirmed last week that the ban was over and the investigation was finished. Then we were reading on various blogs that something would be decided on July 2 then 3 then Mon - Wednesday. Needless to say it has been a rollercoaster and frustrating. Then we heard that the agency who prcesses the cases was closing for two weeks, another blow. But, this morning we got a wonderful call from our agency telling us our new court date was JULY 27!!!! The good thing about this date is that it is after the agency in the country is open which should prevent other delays. Now we just hav eto prya that everything is in order and that we will pass this time. If all goes well we will travel the third week of August or the first week of Sept. Either way, we will make it work!! Thank you for pryaing with us and please keep it up!!!