Thursday, July 29, 2010


Carter entered his second triathlon! I am so impressed with him! He finished it and was still standing when he finished!!

More summer pics!

It's a band!!

Children's Museum!

Ah, Kellan!! We love Kellan!!

C.B. is a very patient dog! He gets lots of kisses!

I think they were playing restaurant!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fourth of July!

Maya's first 4th! First in America, first as a citizen, first with our family, first fireworks, lots of firsts on this day!! It was a great day, courtesy of some wonderful friends, the Lengefelds!!

Ms. Personality!

Her personality is so much bigger than we ever imagined!!!!

Happy Birthday!

It's been awhile but we've had a great summer so far! Here is Maya's second birthday. She gets more amazing everyday! Yesterday was our adoption year anniversary! Where a judge in Ethiopia said "YES!" and helped create our family. Celebrating her birthday was a joy but for me, it was mixed with sadness as I thought of a beautiful young woman half a world away. She knew what day it was, she knew the significance of that special day. I pray that she knows how happy and healthy our daughter is today. I can't imagine her grief, her sacrifice and her love. I am so thankful to her for this amazing gift, Sitota.

She also has the greatest big brothers in the world! Happy Birthday Maya Sitota!